Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

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Useful OS X keyboard shortcuts, particularly if you’re switching from Windows.  It’s not exhaustive, but it’s got the ones I use regularly.

This page will be updated as I find new ones to include.

The ⌘ key is also known as Command
The ⌥ key is also known as Alt or Option
The ⇥ key is also known as Tab

Action Shortcut
Open the Spotlight menu to start a search ⌘-Space
Open the Spotlight window ⌘-⌥-Space
Show a spotlight result item in the Finder ⌘-click it
Force Quit an application ⌘-⌥-Escape
Force Reboot of OS X Ctrl-⌘-Power
Force Shutdown of computer ⌘-⌥-Shift-Power