Misc iPhone Tips

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Slow Response, especially in Contacts or Text

Some suggestions from around the web:

  1. It is probably caused by memory leaks in 3rd party apps.  You can close any app by holding Home button for 6 seconds.
  2. iPhone 3G was released with firmware 5a345 but iTunes 7.7 contains firmware 5a347.  Do a restore from iTunes to get the newer version. Make sure you have synced and backed up before doing this, since you are completely wiping the iPhone.  Lots of people are saying that helps.
  3. Rebooting the phone - hold power button for several seconds, it will ask you to slide to turn off.  Hold power button to turn it back on.  This is the same as rebooting any computer - you’re cleaning up the memory.

Battery Life

To extend the battry life, switch off WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth when you’re no using them. Hopefully someone will soon write a utility to do this easily and quickly from one place. I may even give it a go myself…