Set up cron jobs on Ubuntu

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Basic steps

  • put a script or symlink in /etc/cron.hourly/, /etc/cron.daily/, /etc/cron.weekly/, or /etc/cron.monthly/ as appropriate
    • NOTE: On Ubuntu, there must NOT be any dots in the filename, so that means no file extensions
  • You can test what scripts will be run for each one with this command (or similar):
    run-parts --test /etc/cron.hourly
  • Check whether cron daemon is running:
    sudo status cron
  • Check log file for cron related entries (note the ‘-i’ for case-insensitive):
    grep -i cron /var/log/syslog
  • NOTE: There is no log of output from cron jobs. You need to handle that on a per script basis, or change the logging config.